Freestyle was established in 2007 as a fashion accessories company specializing in a broad range of cold weather and spring summer categories for ladies, men and kids. Stable relationship has been built with prestigious customers by our tailor-made services and reliability ,and firm association with leading manufacturers through our mutual management improvement .Now we have been growing as industry leader among accessories companies and our business grows year by year even in the severe situation worldwide .


Innovative product with outstanding price ,good quality with on-time delivery and quick response with effective communication are the critical factors for the customers who sourcing overseas. At Freestyle accessories company , all of these can be delivered by our professional team’s effective implementation through a continuous hardworking for yarn /fabric sourcing, styles designing ,product developing, production tracking and consistent quality controlling.


Our goal is to remove the hassle for our customers , and work closely with them for a continuous enhancement of market share in the intensified global competition with our great reliability ,and striving to achieve mutually beneficiary between cooperative partners .

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  • We produce a full range of accessories for Ladies, Mens and Children. Woven scarves/shawls, cold weather knits, lightweight scarves, cut & sew hats, fashion bags and sunglasses are our specialist categories


  • We travel to the most prominent fashion capitals of the world to uncover the latest trends and transform them into highly commercial designs . This ODM part can meet many wholesale customer’s seasonal selections .   We focus on OEM service a lot , using our fabric and print knowledge and also extensively sources of suitable trims and fabrics to translate customer’s every design sheet into commercial product .


  • We do not offer the lowest price , but always have solutions comprehensively to meet or at least get closer to customer’s targets either for volume options or special quantities, seeking to offer exceptional value for money for our customers is our untiring pursuit .


  • Up to date verified certificates of GRS , OCS , BCI and RWS for our customers , both of our tier 1 production facilities and tier 2 dye and print mills are compliant to required levels of ZDHC and HIGG , we are always striving to improve our environmental footprint . Our facilities are required to be transparent in technical and social compliance , the audits of Smeta ,BSCI are renewed every year .


  • With problem solving culture, our commercial process, our accumulated skills and our experience in this sector , Our professional team of designers, merchandising specialists always give a quick response with effective communication .


  • With on-site quality people keeping eyes on your production for each category manufacture factories in Zhejiang , Guangzhou province . Our QC experts are working independently with exceptional strict rewards and punishment goods quality control system to make sure the highest quality standard level be achieved .


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