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  The birkin bag for sale manufacturer tells you how to distinguish genuine leather bags?

  Many women want to buy a leather bag when they buy a bag, because the leather bag generally takes a long time to use, and it is not easy to peel off. But in life, many women can't tell whether a bag is genuine or not. The birkin bag for sale manufacturer will tell you how to distinguish a genuine leather bag?

  1. Touch by hand

  When you buy a bag, the birkin bag for sale manufacturer will tell you that many genuine leather bags and artificial leather bags have a different feel. We can all distinguish genuine leather bags by touching them with our hands. Generally, the surface of leather bags is relatively soft, smooth and full of elasticity.

  2. Smell with your nose

  When you go to the store to buy a bag, the birkin bag for sale manufacturer will also tell you whether a bag is made of genuine leather by smelling it with your nose. Generally, a leather bag will smell of leather, while artificial leather will generally have more stirring plastic taste.

  In fact, it is more distinguished by touching with your hands and smelling with your nose. Many birkin bag for sale manufacturers will tell you that they can be distinguished by absorption. The water absorption of leather bags is better, while fake leather bags are water resistant.

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