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Freestyle Accessories is a professional company silk scarves and scarves production, bags, hats, sunglasses and other wholesale and manufacturing manufacturers.In every city, there will be a wholesale market for products. Generally, there will be many sources of different products in these wholesale markets, and there will be more suppliers. Now, if you want to find a high-quality source of goods, you can find it in the wholesale market, because there are more Bags with straps in the wholesale market.

In the operation of lady's bag shop, we should not only pay attention to the design and product quality, but also pay attention to the promotion and marketing of products, and create a good marketing plan, so that we can be invincible in the market.>>>More product details



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In daily life, many women do not pay attention to maintenance after they buy real leather bags, so the service life of bags is shortened for many days. After buying a real leather bag, we must pay attention to regular maintenance of it, so as to ensure that its life is not shortened. Now let the women's bag manufacturer tell you how to maintain a real leather bag.


1. Avoid dampness

Many real leather bags are easy to get moldy in humid environment, which will seriously affect the service life and leather of bags. So the general women's bag manufacturers will recommend that you keep the bag in a dry place without water.


2. Avoid high temperature

Many times, in places with high temperature, our leather bags will also be affected. For example, after the sun exposure, the cortex will be damaged, and the life will be shortened a lot. So the women's bag manufacturers association suggests that you put your bags in a place where there is no sunlight.


In fact, in addition to paying attention to humidity and high temperature, women's bag manufacturers will also tell you some other ways to maintain real leather bags, such as wiping real leather bags often to keep them away from fumes and dust.

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