What brand of cashmere scarf is good


About cashmere scarf:


What brand of cashmere scarf is good?


1. Friend


It is a very good cashmere scarf brand. I bought a wool scarf from his house last year, which is thick and warm. There were better scarves at the time, so I changed this one. But the texture is not bad at all, and the price is much cheaper. The styles are very good, and there are many choices.

cashmere scarf

2. Marjakurki


The Finnish brand specializes in accessories, mainly for women, and is good at using various elements of nature to create ultra-high artistic and high-quality cashmere scarf. There is an indescribable charm, very elegant. His scarves are of very high grade, and other accessories besides gloves are also very good.


3. Cacuss


Focus on clothing accessories, mainly male products. Provide scarves, gloves and hats. There are many scarves and hats. The scarf is mainly cashmere scarf. There are many colors and styles. For people with choice difficulties, be careful.


4. High-grade cashmere for YA outerwear


A high-end cashmere scarf shop in Taobao. Scarves are very expensive, but the things are really good. They are all made of real materials. It is a shop in Inner Mongolia. 11 years old shop. The reputation has always been very good. It is very rare for an accessory store to score 4, 9 or higher in the three categories.




The quality is better than Acne. It does not pierce, does not form a ball, is softer and more skin-friendly. They are all popular colors, with two or three hands. Size *70, can be used as a shawl, super beautiful and weird. There are 13 colors to choose from, the best cashmere scarf.


Where to buy hats?


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