What are the purchase skills of your handbag


  What are the purchase skills of your handbag?


  In recent years, more and more friends have like to choose a handbag, but how to buy a handbag suitable for you, and many people are particularly concerned about. The following small series will come to you a simple introduction, and what you need to pay special attention to the choice of your handbag.


What are the purchase skills of your handbag


  First of all, when we choose a handbag, you need to touch it with your hand. Look at the surface of his leather surface is very smooth, and it is very flexible. If we find the surface of the handbag is very dead, And if the softness is particularly poor, it is also necessary to choose to choose.


  Secondly, in addition to the hand, we can see how the surface of the surface is like a handbag. Generally speaking, the yellow cowhide has a very uniform fine pore, while the holes that can consume cowhin are very thick. The pattern of the skin of different materials is also very different. This requires us to choose according to your actual needs when choosing.


  In addition, in order to better select the handbag, in addition to pay attention to the above points, it is also necessary to pay attention to it, then what is the price of the handbag. If the price is too high, far exceeds your budget, then you need to buy caution.

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