What are the circumnavigation methods of the scarf


  What are the circumnavigation methods of the scarf?


  In the cold season, I believe many friends also like to wear a scarf to make themselves warmer, and at the same time, they can make themselves more fashionable. But there are also some friends who are not particularly familiar with the several looping methods of scarves. How can they make their scarves more attractive? What are the methods of middle circumference? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.


What are the circumnavigation methods of the scarf


  The simplest and most common method of the scarf is a symmetrical circle. When we match the woolen coat, the feeling is very clean and neat, but it is important to note that the choice of scarf is not necessary. It's too thick and wide, just choose a narrow rectangle, it's very simple and simple.


  In addition to the symmetrical scarf, the scarf can also be used. For some girls who prefer low-neck sweaters, they always feel that the high collar is holding their necks. Then, when you wear the scarf, you can choose a loose one. The bib style has been used instead. The editor here wants to remind everyone to pay attention to the color selection and match, to make people better.


  In addition, the scarf can also be tight-knotted, especially when we wear a woolen cap, it feels very cool, even if we choose a gentle pink, it can also be the sunshine of our love of sports and life. The breath is better displayed.

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