Sunglasses, a better way to create an early spring fashion atmosphere


  As the weather gets warmer, more and more friends will choose to go out to play, and in order to better protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes, and also make you more fashionable, choose face-lift sunglasses. In order to better create an early spring fashion atmosphere.


  First of all, the ultra-retro thin frame frog mirror can be said to be one of the classic styles of sunglasses. For the face shape, it can be said that it is almost not fussy, and because of its cool temperament, especially the curved bottom edge, not only It protects the cheekbones that are most prone to sunburn, and at the same time it feels very cool.


Sunglasses, a better way to create an early spring fashion atmosphere


  In addition to thin-frame clam-film mirrors, color-changing retro thick-frame sunglasses are also a very good choice. For girls with fleshy faces and not small enough, large thick-frame sunglasses are also a good choice. This is mainly because it uses a wide, slightly angular frame, which can also contrast the face to be more petite, and it can also make the lines of the face no longer as round as the circle plan, which also makes people feel Especially stylish and cute.


  In addition, one of the sunglasses is also loved by many friends, then the neutral blue polarized toad sunglasses, super dazzling blue lenses, which can become colorful streamers with different angles, which can also make People are more outstanding.

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