How to tie a long scarf to look good


The long scarf is simple and magnificent, yet trendy. A good-looking scarf will make you shine in autumn and winter. With a good-looking coat, it is fashionable and young. Let’s take a look at these four methods today.


1. Basic system method


Put the long scarf around your neck first to see if the length on both sides is the same. First, wrap around the neck from one side, and then bring the other side to the front at the same time, and tie it left and right.


2. Random system


Put the scarf around your neck first, wrap both sides from back to front, and then arrange the first circle outward. Put the rest of the scarf on your chest at will, and match it with a camel coat, which is even more perfect.


How to tie a long scarf to look good


3. Random shoulder-to-shoulder method


Put the long scarf on your neck first, and then gently put the other side of the scarf on the other side of the shoulder, cover the scarf on one arm, it looks very fashionable, and then make a layer of the front scarf Layers of folds make it look elegant and quiet.


4. Warm-keeping system method


First wrap the scarf around your neck, then wrap the scarfs on both sides around your neck, wrap the other side scarf in front of the neck scarf, and pull it out. The other side will not move. The one-sided shawl will look extra fluffy and lazy, adding layers. In sense, such a scarf looks elegant and subtle.

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