How many special ways to wear silk scarf

How many special ways to wear silk scarf


  How many special ways to wear silk scarf?


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  1. Embellish the neck


  The most conventional way to tie a silk scarf is of course to tie it around the neck. At the turn of summer and autumn, it is really difficult to wear clothes because they wear too much heat and wear less cold. This time the silk scarf comes in handy. Tie around the neck can not only add a lot of points to ordinary clothes, but also play a role in keeping warm.


  In the choice of silk scarves, it is best to choose a simple and generous color and pattern, so that there is no difficulty in matching. Whether it is tied into a beautiful bow or casually tied around the neck, it looks great. And the silk scarf must be used to match simple clothes, so as to make the overall look more textured.


  2. Make a headband


  In the usual hairstyle, we must make the hair on the top of the head fluffy, so that it can well modify our face shape. And making a headband with a silk scarf can also play a role in heightening the top of the skull, which can be said to be very suitable for lazy people.


  3. Decorative bags


  The bags we often carry can also be decorated with silk scarves. The decorated bags will not only increase your sense of accomplishment, but also the joy of having a new bag.


  Simple bag, with a silk scarf tied to the position of the bag belt, unique style, absolutely unique limited edition. And the silk scarf can neutralize the toughness of the bag, and it is sweet with retro, which is awesome.

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