How many common ways to wear silk scarf


  How many common ways to wear silk scarf?


How many common ways to wear silk scarf


  1.Tie a ponytail


  Tying a silk scarf to the hair is also a style that many people will try, and the most common is to tie a low pony tail with a silk scarf. With the embellishment of silk scarves, the presence of the ponytail has also become higher, especially full of caution.


  The low pony tail itself has its own gentle attributes, simple and casual, not fighting or grabbing, forming a strong contrast with the noise of the city, quiet and beautiful. But if you simply tie a low ponytail, it will inevitably look monotonous, and if the skull is not full enough, it will look earthy. But after the silk scarf was added, it was different, and the temperament and elegance of the whole person came out all at once.


  2. Tie around the waist


  It is still rare to tie a silk scarf around the waist, but it is also a good decoration method. And this way of tying will be farther away from our face, so you can be bolder in the choice of silk scarves.


  3. Braided hair styling


  It is also very special to use silk scarves for braiding. Everyone knows that braided hair is a hairstyle that looks easy to look like a village girl, but its laziness and style are obvious to all. In order to combine the two, we can add silk scarves to the braided hair so that it is both fashionable and retains the original style of braided hair.


  When choosing silk scarves to braid, if you don't want to be too obtrusive, it is best to choose a color similar to the clothes, so that the overall look will be more coordinated. There is no need to deliberately adjust the style of the clothes, just a simple daily casual style, otherwise there will be a feeling of excessive force.

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