Have you ever thought about the difference between a scarf and a shawl


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Have you ever thought about the difference between a scarf and a shawl?


These days there seems to be a fair amount of confusion with regards to these terms, and no wonder, they are very frequently used interchangeably.



A shawl is a rectangular/triangular/square larger piece of fabric generally draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. It is worn for decorative purposes (to accent an outfit or cover bare shoulders in formal attire), religious purposes, or to keep warm. In past shawl was used for winter only and were made from only pure wool. Shawls mostly come 80-110 cm wide to 180 cm – 210 cm long.




As a rule of thumb, scarves are long and thin; think of a typical winter wool scarf or they can be square like a classic silk scarf. In other words, the term is usually used to describe a fabric item that can be wrapped or tied around your neck for warmth and or style. Scarves can be casual or formal and everywhere in-between.


Size of scarf normally varies from 10cm -40cm in width and 120cm – 200 cm in length.


There are scarves, and then there are blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are a giant version of a scarf that are so big they could even be used as, you guessed it, a blanket. They’re warm, cozy, comfortable, and wonderful, and they are very much on trend this season. They are extremely versatile as scarves, makeshift ponchos or capes, shawls, and yes, even a blanket.


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