Cashmere scarf cleaning method


Scarf is a good thing to keep out the wind and cold in winter. It is not only warm but also fashionable, it is necessary for everyone. There are many kinds of scarves on the market, but cashmere is the first choice in terms of the standard of warm wind. Cashmere scarves are of good quality and require more delicate cleaning methods. Next, I will share with you how to clean cashmere scarves.


1. Add neutral and neutral lotion water in warm water at 35°C and stir by hand to fill the water with foam. Then put the scarf in and soak for 15-20 minutes. Scarves of different colors should not be soaked and washed together to avoid dyeing. Choose mild and neutral lotion water instead of bleaching lotion water to avoid discoloration of the scarf.


2. There is no need to take out the scarf. The mutton is easy to balloon and shed hair. When cleaning the scarf, just pat and rub the scarf with your hands in the water.


3. After washing the scarf for the first time, wash it with warm water at 35℃-40℃. After the scarf is cleaned, squeeze out the water from the scarf. It is not advisable to wring it dry by hand. You can place it on a washing board and squeeze the water lightly, or use a dry towel to dry the scarf.


Cashmere scarf cleaning method


4. Finally, lay the scarf flat to dry, do not hang it to dry, and do not dry it in direct sunlight, so as to avoid deformation of the scarf.


When cashmere scarf is cleaned, just follow the above steps to ensure the texture of the scarf. In addition, when cleaning the cashmere scarf, be careful not to get caught by nails or metal objects to prevent the scarf from spinning.


You also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the scarf. When not in use, it can be folded and laid flat. Lavender is placed next to it, which can be antibacterial and mildew, so that your scarf will last longer and make the scarf bright as new.

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